Friday, September 23, 2005

Today is a Better Day

Success is an optimistic way of thinking. When your major goal is to reach the top in life, then this kind of thinking is what success needs. The feeling that I'm experiencing now is much better than the previous days. I believe my experience today is a beginning of my recovery. Nonetheless, today was a positive day. i woke up early in the morning and took a shower then headed to work. The best thing that happened to me is when i met a guy in a cigarette break where i ended up chatting with him. he is a nice guy and fun to talk with. so i knew afterwards what progresses my life, or anyone. a successful conservation it is that makes a person happier and optimistic. So I decided from now on to talk to people as much as i can and with a smile on my face. many people worked so hard just to fulfill their conscience; however, many also forgot that the best convey to their goals is their social life not of how many books they've read. And when i say social life i mean love in one hand and friendship in the other. Education is much easier with love and friendship. note: this was written on 18th of sep.


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