Friday, September 23, 2005

how to reach your goal?

The first step is to choose a goal that you feel the enthusiasm and the attraction to it. Remember that any choice you take what so ever will need a lot of work and energy to reach it. You will be the only one responsible of what you choose; for this reason, do not pay any attention to those people that may affect and change your mind.

Dreams are often seen from far off full of beauty and challenges. But it begins to be harder when it comes to practice. Passing through the obstacles, trying all the paths, and sacrificing are widely needed to get to your destination. It may hurt sometimes but get up on your feet every time you fall and drive through with confidence and enthusiasm. No matter how good you are in something there will always be somebody had the same dream you have had before you. So get the experience from them and make your journey easier.

Reaching the top is what we are concerned on. It’s a good thing to think of, but do not eliminate the moments that comes along the journey. Stop for a while and enjoy the moments while you're in the road. One of the admirers asked a greatest pianist of the 20th century called Arthur Rubistein: "How can you use the notes with such mastery?" The pianist answered:" I use the notes the same way that others do, but the pauses…ah! That’s were the art lies." This pianist man knew how to enjoy his moments and that’s what made him famous.

Losing faith is the worst thing that happens to a person while he is in the middle of the journey. Believe in your self and always say: I am capable of doing it. Your subconscious mind is capable of doing what you want whatever it is.

Once you reach your goal make three promises to your self:

1. To be proud of what you did.
2. Discover another goal and enjoy another journey.
3. Tell your story to others to encourage them to their own goals.

And the final words come to say: If you decided to go somewhere, drive SAFELY and ENJOY the ride to reach your destination with whole strength and pride.


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